Goodbye Braces

Hello Smiles!

Align your teeth malocclusions with confidence and share your smiles from day one.


About KiyoClear

The first Japanese clear aligner brand in India*

KiyoClear is an orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth with invisible aligners. Wear your smiles with pride, from the moment your treatment begins.

We offer the highest quality aligners made with premium materials to provide the finest care for your and your teeth. The treatment is observed by a professional every step of the way.

*Based on the fact that KiyoClear is currently offered by the only aligner company of Japanese origin registered in India as a direct subsidiary of SheepMedical Co. Ltd. Japan. KiyoClear is available under different brand names in different countries throughout the world.

Flexible and comfortable

Japanese - quality guaranteed

Quick and visible results

Minimal IPR or Tooth Extraction

Transparent aligners

Flexible treatment protocol


Is KiyoClear Worth It

Fast treatment with expanders

Doctor can choose to use expanders along with aligners depending on your treatment goals. Ask your doctor how simultaneous Read More

Multiphase Approach

We follow multi phased approach so you get your aligners in phases and not all at once. While ongoing the treatment if you and your doctor feels you have Read More


Premium aligners at affordable prices? Yes, that’s right. High quality aligners at the most affordable price. Our multiphase approach Read More

Transparent Aligners

Transparent aligners make it nearly impossible to see that you are wearing them. Now don’t hide your smile – Smile with confidence every day!

Flexible Material

The material of any aligners is very crucial to ensure you get your right smile with least pain. Our aligners are made with the finest quality multi-layered Read More

Preserve Natural Teeth Structure

Want to get the aligner treat without disturbing your natural teeth? Our combination treatment of aligner plus Read More




Deep Bite


Here are some Smiling Testimonials

Let your teeth smile the way they were always meant to

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