Let your inner beauty shine through affordable natural alignment with KiyoClear!

About Us

KiyoClear is a premium clear aligner brand of SheepMedical Co. Japan. Already a leader in the clear aligner space in Japan, SheepMedical India is bringing the Japanese technology with an objective to make high quality aligner treatments available to all.

The KiyoClear protocol is a result of extensive work by highly experienced Orthodontist and dental technicians from Japan. The protocol makes it one of the most convenient treatments available to orthodontists to treat malocclusion in patients at an affordable price.

KiyoClear aligns your teeth without the burden and pain of metal or wired braces offering a faster treatment option, a higher degree of oral hygiene with zero compromise on aesthetics to bring out your true smile. The remarkable efficiency of KiyoClear ensures a pain-free process and a faster treatment.

The reviews of our customers are testimony to the excellent reputation we enjoy. We provide aligner solutions that retain your natural beauty and amplify your best feature – your ‘Smile’. 

Why KiyoClear?


Established in Japan

We are the largest manufacturers of clear aligners in Japan and pride ourselves in bringing you the most sophisticated Japanese technique in orthodontic treatment.


Continuous monitoring of treatment

Precision treatment brought to you by a highly qualified team of orthodontists and dental technicians.


Convenient, Customized, and Affordable too!

KiyoClear is revolutionary because it offers affordability with convenience and customization.


Quick and Visible Results

We leverage on the most recent technology which means you can see results within three months.

Our happy clients!

I was envious of my friend’s perfect smile. My misaligned upper teeth made me extremely conscious while talking, laughing, and taking pictures. The best choice I made was to choose invisible aligners. Finally, after my treatment, I feel so confident. Now, I can talk, laugh, and take pictures without a second thought.
Miss Takeda
I gave up on my braces treatment in high school. They were problematic and I just couldn’t manage them. Finally, at 25, I restarted my treatment. I am so happy with the results and the complete process was so smooth compared to braces. Their expert consultation, treatment process, and above all the transparent aligners made it entirely hassle-free.
Mr Goto
I was once pointed out by a kindergarten student that I had weird teeth. Since then I had become very uncomfortable in the classrooms. When I went to my orthodontist, he told me about clear aligners. I was so happy that no one ever noticed that I was undergoing an aligner treatment.
Miss Mirei

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