Together, we can clear the

way for a smiling future

Treat your patient's malocclusions with superior modern clear aligners that are comfortable


Bringing A Smile To Your Patients

Efficient Japanese make

assures an effective, high-quality product

Multi-layered Material

High quality material for flexibility and comfort

Faster treatment

complete the treatment fast with lesser number of aligners

Simultaneous slow expansion

Patented expanders ensures faster treatment

No/Minimal IPR or extraction

Reduce the chair time

Treat Your Patients With Confidence

Our aligner deliveries are phased, ensuring that the treatment requires minimal refinemensts.

Expander Treatment

Slow expansion (one turn a week), combined with aligner treatment promotes simultaneous alignment of arches along with expansion

Low force expansion work in both adolescence and adults.

The convenience of treatment - Simply wearing the expanders at night (minimum 8 hours a day) can yield desired results without affecting any daily activity.


Doctors Support

Specialised Onboarding and Training with Certification

We will equip you with proper training on how our aligners funcion and the procedure of treatment, with a certificate as proof for your patients.

Prompt Backend and Clinical Support

As one of the largest manufaturers of clear aligners in Japan, we have a strong and dedicated team ready to provide cninical support any time you need it.

Professional Growth

Your growth is an important to us as patient care. And so, our leads are yours.

Fast Turnaround Time

We provide one of the fastest turnaround times among international brands - from the approval of the plan to delivery of the aligners.

Doctors Support

Minimal IPR or Tooth Extraction

Transparent aligners

Flexible treatment protocol

Case Studies

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