Why KiyoClear


Established in Japan

We are the largest manufacturers of clear aligners in Japan and pride ourselves in bringing you the most sophisticated Japanese technique in orthodontic treatment.
KiyoClear is a product of orthodontic excellence upheld by dentists and highly trained and experienced Japan technicians who have been helping people find their smiles since 2017. Nationally qualified dental technicians in Japan receive specialized education and training so as to guarantee you the most comfortable experience with fast and accurate treatment!


Monitoring of treatment by experts

Precision treatment brought to you by a highly qualified team of orthodontists and dental technicians.
Large amount of information is used to plan and reduce the errors in designing a personalized treatment protocol on the back of cutting-edge computer modeling techniques and software. The designing techniques used ensure our invisible aligners are custom designed to perfectly fit your teeth and align them without any hassles and also ensures faster treatment. Treatment plan can be modified based on your orthodontist recommendation.


Convenient, Customized, and Affordable too!

KiyoClear is revolutionary because it offers affordability with convenience and customization.
The effectiveness of clear aligners and their convenience makes the entire process a treatment of choice for the patients. We also offer a combination of expander treatment along with aligners. A highly effective treatment plan reduces the need to perform painful extractions or IPR. This in turn makes the treatment incredibly efficient and effective and promises reduced dental chair time.


Quick and Visible Results

We leverage on the most recent technology which means you can start seeing results within three months.
What makes the process truly seamless is personalized treatment with regular follow-ups and mindful schedules to go with our customized aligners. The emphasis is on speed with out any compromise, be it with timely correction, treatment timeline or results. With the help of our patient app, your orthodontist can monitor your treatment and suggests modifications. 

What makes KiyoClear unique?

No/Minimal IPR or extraction

Reduced need for additional treatment to get your teeth aligned

Faster teeth movement

With our unique protocol, KiyoClear provides faster and comfortable treatment

Expander and aligner treatment

Slow expansion of the arches, combined with aligner therapy promotes greater post-expansion stability by maintaining the position of teeth

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