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KiyoClear aligners are comfortable alternative to traditional braces. They are invisible, comfortable and pain free which are specifically designed for you to align your teeth into the perfect smile.

Your Orthodontist uses 3D-technology to create a personalized treatment plan best suited for your. We will designs sets of transparent trays that will gently align your teeth into position stage by stage. The aligners perfectly fit your teeth invisibly, applying gentle pressure on your tooth to give you your desired smile.  


You may have heard of traditional metal / wire braces? Clear aligners are a better alternative to those and any other forms of devices available to straighten teeth safely and with less pain offering you better aesthetics, confidence, and higher oral hygiene. The benefit of using clear aligners are comfort, speed, convenience, and cost; and you’ll barely notice the aligners are there!


Absolutely! Clear aligners are the latest and best in 3D-technology to align teeth. The treatment with clear aligners is faster than traditional braces and offers better aesthetics and higher oral hygiene. It also gives you the freedom without the hassles or compromise on lifestyle!


Depending upon the complexity of your teeth, the treatment can range from 5 to 15 months. It is important to wear your aligners according to your doctors’ instructions.

Absolutely not. However, you may feel slight discomfort in the initial days of the treatment which will gradually subside.

Any dental treatment should always be done by a trained Orthodontist/Dentist. Hence, we recommend you visit your nearest KiyoClear provider. In case you have any specific and personalized requirements, please contact us at any of the KiyoClear certified clinics and our specialists will help you make a plan keeping your needs in mind.

It is recommended to use your aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day and wear them according to your doctors’ instructions.

For the ease of eating and maintaining proper oral hygiene, we recommend you remove your aligners whenever you eat or drink anything except water.

Aligners don’t interfere in your speech at all and the best part is that no one will even notice that you are wearing one!

Each aligner is supposed to be worn for a specific period of time. Your orthodontist will guide you on when to change the aligners.

Retainers look like aligners and are supposed to be worn after the end of your treatment. Wear it for the time and period as per instructions by your orthodontists.

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